Sociology — Getting started

Here’s how to set up Sociology with Twitter and Facebook.


1. Go to If you aren’t set up for Facebook’s Developer Program, sign up there.

2. Click the Create New App button.

3. In App Name, put the name of your site. In App Namespace, put the lowercase name of your site. This is the username of your app on Facebook. If the name isn’t available, try different names until you get an available one.

4. Click Continue. You might be asked to fill out a security check.

5. Now, you will see your app settings. In App Domains, put your website’s domain name and hit enter. (Don’t enter http:// or www. Just put

6. Next, under “Select how your app integrates with Facebook”, select Website with Facebook Login.

7. Now, under Site URL, put the full address of your site, including http://.

8. Now, click Save Changes.

9. Go to the top of the page, and find your App ID. Copy this ID.

10. Go to your WordPress Dashboard and then go to Sociology Settings.

11. Under Facebook Configuration, paste your App ID.

12. Click Save Changes.

13. Now, on the right side of the plugin page, click the Facebook button to log in.

14. Log in to Facebook, and then approve the permissions it asks for.

15. You’ll now be back at Sociology Settings. On the right side, where you clicked to log in to Facebook, click the Select A Page selector and pick the page you want to post with. Then click Save Page.

16. You’re done! Now, when you check Post to Facebook when you create new posts, they will automatically be posted to Facebook.


1. First, go to If you aren’t already logged in to Twitter, it will ask you to log in.

2. Now, you will be in the Create an application page.

  • Name: enter the name of your site.
  • Description: enter the name of your site again.
  • Website: enter the web address of your site, including http://.
  • Callback URL: again, enter the web address of your site, including http://.

3. Read and accept the Developer Rules Of The Road and enter the captcha.

4. Click the Create your Twitter Application button.

5. Now, you should see your application. Next, click the Settings tab.

6. Scroll down to Application Type. Set it to Read & Write.

7. Click Update this Twitter application’s settings at the bottom.

8. Click the Details tab at the top.

9. Scroll down to OAuth Settings and find your Consumer Key and your Consumer Secret.

10. In Sociology Settings, copy-and-paste them into the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret boxes under Twitter OAuth Configuration.

11. Click Save Changes.

12. On the right side of the plugin page, click Sign in with Twitter.

13. Sign in with Twitter and approve the application.

14. You’re done!

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