PayPal File Download — Getting Started


Download the PayPal File Download .zip file.

Log into your WordPress admin panel.

Select Plugins → Add New.

Plugin -> Add New

In the top menu in Plugins, select Upload.

Click Browse/Choose File and select the PayPal File Download .zip file.

Once you’ve selected it, click Upload.

Then, click Activate to activate the plugin. You’re done!

Setting up PayPal

First, make sure that you have signed up for PayPal Website Payments Standard.

Next, make sure Instant Payment Notification (IPN) is enabled. Log into PayPal and click Profile → More Options.

PayPal More Options

Next, click My Selling Tools on the left-hand menu.

Under Getting paid and managing my risk, see Instant payment notifications. Click Update.

This screen should show you whether IPN is enabled or not. If it is enabled, you’re all set to go to the next section. If not, click Choose IPN Settings.

For the Notification URL, put your website. For the IPN Messages radio button, click Receive IPN Messages (Enabled). Then click Save.

Setting up PayPal File Download

In WordPress, click PayPal File Download → Settings.

Settings Menu

Customize these settings.

  • PayPal email is the email of your PayPal account.
  • Expire links after… allows you to customize how long download links stay valid before expiring.
  • Return URL is the URL the customer will return to after their purchase.
  • Currency is the currency you wish to sell your files in.
  • Email message is the email that is sent to the customer after they have successfully checked out. Similar to a mail merge, you can insert variables into the body of the message. The download link is always placed the bottom of the email.
  • Anonymous usage allows you to select whether or not to send anonymous usage statistics to us to improve this product.
  • Download method is the method that the plugin will use to serve the download to the user. The default method, WordPress Remote (Default), will work for most circumstances. Chances are, you don’t need to worry about this.

Click Save Changes.

Creating your first product

Now, let’s create your first product. Go to Products.

Click the big green button, Add a product.

  • Product Name is, well, the name of your product.
  • Source URL of Product is the URL where your product’s file can be found. You can either upload it to your server and then put the URL to the file here, or you can click the Upload button if you’re uploading a file that WordPress supports (images, videos, PDFs, .zips, and others.)
  • Cost Per Download is the purchase price for this product.

Here’s an example:

Great! Now, we have a product. We can do a few things with this product:

  • We can see the product’s price and how many purchases it has.
  • Edit Product allows us to change the name, price, or source URL of the product.
  • Get Purchase Link allows us to get a link (or shortcode to insert into a post) that will direct a user to purchase the item on PayPal.
  • Generate Download Link allows us to create a transaction and a download link. This link allows a user to download the file. For example, you can use this to generate a link to give someone a free download.

Okay, now we have this product. Let’s now insert a checkout button into a post.

Inserting a checkout button into a post or page

Go ahead and create a post, or edit a post you already have.

To insert a checkout button, click the little button in the Upload/Insert row, below the title, above the post content box.

Select the product you just created.

You can customize the Button Image URL to any other image. By default, it is the PayPal orange checkout button.

You can choose whether to Insert Button to insert a linked image, or Insert Link Only to just link to the checkout.

Great! Now you’ve got a page set up with a button, and people can start buying stuff through it.

Viewing transactions

When people do start to purchase things, you can go to the Transactions section of PayPal File Download to see your transaction detail.

Here, you have a few options per transaction:

  • Copy download link allows you to get the download link for that transaction.
  • Resend email allows you to send the receipt/download email to the user again.

That’s a wrap for the crash course in PayPal File Download. If you need anything or have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us through support!